Siamese cat

Meet these super elegant cats with soft and fluffy elegant coat that costs very expensive. It feels like their outfit is designed by a world famous couture and the cat is ready to appear on a catwalk. The coat is snow white with black accessories on the edges and expensive bluish jewelry for their navy blue nice eyes. Siamese cats are well known in Thailand that was formerly called Siam for centuries. This is how they have obtained their name – Siamese cats.

According to the records Siamese cats have never been seen in the West until the late nineteenth century. By this time, they were first exhibited at the Crystal Palace Cat Show held in London. Of course tastes differ and some people admire these cats, while other dislike. Soon Siamese cats became rather popular in the United States as well. A very interesting fact was that the President Rutherford B. Hayes received a Siamese cat that was shipped to them by David B. Sickels.

Siamese cats are rather talkative and express their opinion freely by the tone of meow they perform. You will be notified about their opinion on something and know what exactly they think with the help of their loud voice. You are not advised to be indifferent to them and you need to pay attention to them.

Siamese cats are affectionate about the people who love them. They do their best in order to be helpful to you and if possible they will supervise you in everything you try to do. Siamese cats will notice when you are sitting down calmly and they will take the chance to find themselves on your lap.

As they miss their owners at night they will get the chance to share bed with you, so do not get shocked if you find your fluffy Siamese cat under the cover with his head placed on the soft pillow. Meet the new bed owner of yours. Do not get mad though, this is your fluffy pet whom you love so much. Take it easy.

The Siamese cat can easily become your best friend due to the easy personality they have. Make sure you spend enough time with your cat not to get her bored. Siamese cats get sad and depressed when left alone for a long period of time. If you are a business lady like me then there is no single doubt that you need get two cats at the same time so that they play with each other and keep each other company so that you know for hundred percent that no one of the cats gets bored.

The Siamese cat is very intelligent, athletic kind and is keen on playing. This is why you need to keep his busy brain active using puzzle toys and different kinds of smart toys that the cat can chase and also there is a special big cat tree he can climb and get entertained.

The Siamese cat will become your best friend very soon and you will spend lots of time with him.

Taking care of these cats is rather easy as their short fur is very easy to look after. Brush the cat’s fur once a week at least in order to get rid of the dead skin parts from the body. Do not forget to brush the teeth of the cat in order to avoid teethe disease. Following these rules both you and your cat will betop happy and satisfied from each other.