Ragdoll Cats

Meet another outstanding species of cat breeds – Ragdolls. Rather young breed. Ann Baker from
Riverside, California, is the first and great developer of these very special cats dating back in the
1960s. These cats’ white coat possesses genes for a seal mitted or black tuxedo pattern.

Baker made much effort in this mission by selecting only for those cats that have gentle,
placid personalities, are larger in size and their nice long coats are characterized by a Himalayan
pattern which is also known as the so called “points” that you can see on Siamese-type cats. As a result, these wonderful cats appeared. They are playful and will jump happily into the arms of
anyone who decides to pick it up.

As for their personality, Ragdoll cats are open, playful and amiable. These friendly cats will easily
jump into the arms of any person holding them. These fluffy creatures adore their owners and
people in general and once they see a person at the door they warmly greet them, accompany them
to the house and follow them around later on, when there is a chance they will settle down on your
lap without even asking for permission or will snuggle in your bed as we all know they love soft and
cozy corners.

They are like kids, playful and energetic, active and smart at the same time. Once named they learn
their names and react to it when you call them out. They might retrieve toys that throw them away.
You can easily train them by being aware of the technique on how to do this. Address several
positive words to them or approve of any activity they do by giving food rewards and these Ragdoll
cats will learn quickly and will perform tricks or good behaviors, for example they will start to use
a scratching post.

In their gentle and cute, sweet voice these adorable cats will remind you that it is time for you to
feed them will ask you to pet them as it is their favorite activity. You will not have any further
difficulty living with these cats because they are well mannered and polite. They will be lying on the
couch or soft bed. These cats are afraid of heights, unlike other species. They do not like to be
placed at higher places than the level of people, they prefer to stay at the same level as you are.

Now it is high time we learnt how to take good care of these cats. Due to Ragdoll cats’ long fur that
has little undercoat, they are less likely to mat and shed, but that doesn’t mean the cats need no
grooming. You need to comb your cute pet regularly, at least twice a week using a stainless steel
comb in order to remove the dead hair from the cat’s body as this can cause tangles to the pet.

Also, make sure you comb the fur of the legs with much details, and more important is the part
where the leg meets the body, the corner part as this is the place mats are most likely to appear. It is
most preferable to use a rubber brush that will easily smooth the fur while combing and will
remove the remaining random hairs.

Try to be as gentle as possible with these cute and gentle pets and be careful not to pull their hair. If
you do this activity carefully, Ragdoll cats will definitely love the care and attention you give to
them and they will be eager to receive this from you, their owners during the grooming time.