Munchkin Cat

Meet the siblings of Dachshunds – Munchkin Cats. These two animals are considered to be twins as
they have the same appearance with tiny details. Like Dachshunds, Munchkin cats also have short
little legs. Did you know that this breed of cats arose as a result of a genetic mutation. This mutation
is vividly seen in terms of the cat’s short legs which is a result of an autosomal dominant gene, due to
which long bones of the cats legs become shorter. Only one copy of the gene is enough for the cat to inherit short legs and pass it to its kittens.

One more interesting thing that will interest breeders more; the Munchkin gene is considered tobe
"lethal" gene in some cases, why? Because in case a Munchkin cat embryo gets one of these genes from each parent, it will definitely not survive. And this is the secret why breeders do not mate two typical, short-legged Munchkin cats together, in order to avoid this to happen.

Even cats with long legs can carry the Munchkin gene, and you can often see them mated with each
other. During the 20th century, short-legged cats appeared in Great Britain, Russia, and New England.
But people officially started breeding the so called “Kangaroo cat” not before the 1980s. Kangaroo
cat is their nickname as its forelegs are shorter than its hind legs.

Sandra Hockenedel – an ordinary music teacher had a great role in the development and
maintenance of this breed of cats as the American Munchkin cat originated from a short-legged
pregnant cate, which was rescued in Rayville, Louisiana in the early 1980s. This lady rescued it and
the breed went on and did not stop. This poor cat had its kittens and the teacher gave one to her
friend who kept it in the farm and later they mated these kittens and this bread did not get

Because of their short legs these cats have a funny walk, especially when it comes to jumping onto
high surfaces, they face really hard challenge to overcome. However, Munchkins are overall a healthy
breed. Their life span ranges from 12 to 15 years depending on the conditions they live in.

There might be numerous diseases that occur in this breed, they can have a disorder named lordosis
which is when the spinal muscles grow too short, as a result of which spine sinks down into the cat’s
body. If it is very deep and we have the worst-case scenario, this condition can be fatal even.
Munchkins can also have a special deformity called “funnel chest” and this makes the cat’s breast
bone to sink inwards.

The Munchkin’s are easily recognized by their typical and unique legs, they are bow-legged and the
legs are half as long as a cat’s limb. These cats can have different colors and the length of their fur
can also be different.

This cute cats simply love cuddling. They crave for someone’s company, be it a dog, another cat or
even a child or man itself. And being very curious they will get interested in everything they see, in
every corner around the house or outside if you decide to take it out one day. Do not look at its short
legs thinking the cat is like a turtle as it is not like that. These cats are rather fast moving and active
and can even go faster than a racing toy car. Only its jumps are limited as they can’t jump very high,
but short jump is quite good for them. You will never get bored with these energetic active cats.