Maine Coon cat

You all are familiar with this breed of cats as you see them very frequently in the parks and in the streets. The cats named Maine Coon are in fact native New Englanders originating from Maine. The origin of this cat dates back to the 19th century. Maine Coon cats are a natural breed and still there are many facts about their origin that is still vague.

According to some legends the Vikings were the first to bring these cats to North America, very long time ago, even centuries before Columbus sailed to America. According to some other legends that are widely spread among people, Maine Coon cat is a descendant of the longhaired cats owned by Marie Antoinette.

These cats were sent to America by the order of the queen who pampered a hope at the bottom of her heart to move there. There is a strong tendency among people to think that the Maine Coon cat is the result of a mating between a cat and a raccoon, though this is not truth for hundred percent. If you look at these cats, you will see that even their brown tabby coat and furry ringed tail supposes that this is biologically impossible.

Maine Coon cats are rather large cats. Maine Coon cats weigh from 9 to 18 pounds and one thing must be noted, that males are larger in size and in some cases you will learn that there are many cats who weigh 20 or more pounds and this is considered to be quite normal. New born Maine Coons are very light and small in size, which is natural, and these cats do not get their total size until they are three to five years old.

Maine Coon cats are good-natured and affectionate cats that easily adapt to quite different lifestyles and personalities they may encounter. These cats like spending much time with people and this is why they follow people around everywhere, though, they are not needy.

They like to be in the middle of attention so if you spend some time with them they will be top happy. They take every chance to enter a warm place once they see a door open. If you close the door on these cats looking at their cute eyes you will soon realize your mistake and let the cat in. One interesting fact is that these cats do not like to sit on you laps, however, they like to be near you and accompany you everywhere you go.

These cats adore chasing a mouse thus they are also called mousers. No rodents will be around if you have this cat at home. Even in case when there are no mice for the cat to chase, the cat will train his chasing skills by playing with various toys and taking them in his big paws.

A Maine Coon cat will also like playing fetch games when you throw something for him to go and take it. The items can be either small balls, toys or maybe pieces of paper. When it comes to climbing, Maine Coons become lazy and prefer to stay on ground level as they are kind of afraid of heights. Maine Coon cats are very smart and learn new tricks happily or play with brain challenging toys.