Exotic Shorthair

Cats of this breed are siblings of the Persian Cats we are already aware of. The same Persian cats only having different coats, different fur. The first time when this new breed started to develop dates back to the 1950s. This cat is neither extra small, nor extra big, it is medium sized. They are sweet, playful at the same time quiet cats.

Compared to their siblings – Persian cats , Exotics are much more playful and
active and they best match to families where there are kids so that they all have fun together. Males
have the reputation of being much sweeter and even more affectionate compared to females, that
seem unfriendly, egoistic and sometimes even aloof. Keeping an Exotic is rather simple as they do not
desire high and their needs are simple.

All they need is meals on a regular timely basis, playing with either toys or people, her favorite toys
are a catnip mouse or a simple feather teaser, and they badly need much love. The love they receive
will be returned many times over. So do not procrastinate in doing this, it will be highly appreciated.
As any other breed of cat, these cats also need a regular care. Basically, you need to comb the
Exotic’s fur coat and hair twice a week at least to be able to remove dead, unnecessary hair and at
the same time keep the coat shiny and healthy. Bathing the cute pet on a weekly basis is the best
idea. Make sure to dry the cat thoroughly after every bath as they are highly risked to catch a cold or
develop any other disease that occurs frequently to this type of cats.

They might suffer from excessive tearing which is a light problem occurring to this breed. You need
to be careful and wipe the corners of the eyes clean every day in order to prevent forming of under-
eye stains. Also, regularly brush the teeth of the cat if you want to prevent periodontal disease so
that not to take the cat to the vet later on, which is both time consuming and stressful. If you manage
to take care of your cat’s dental hygiene every day, it will be wonderful, if no, you can do it every

In case you decided to keep this wonderful, adorable kitten, it will be a good idea to keep her indoors
only, as a domestic home cat only. She is not an aggressive cat and will hardly scratch other cats or
various animals in order to protect herself. She has poor self-defense skills, thus she needs your
attention and care every single moment.

We do not talk about the fact that the cat can easily be stolen by any person in the street as this is
not an ordinary cat, but a special one having expensive breeding.

These cats are medium height, having 10-12 inches’ height on average. As for their weight, they are
medium again, weighing 7-12 pounds depending on the age. And the duration of their lives is from 8
to 15 years. They may have various diseases during their life span, like breathing difficulties, dental
malocclusions, malformed tear ducts or excessive eye tearing. In rare case there may be entropion,
which is a condition where the eyelids fold inward. This happens very rare of course.