Bengal cat

Super attractive appearance with high flexibility. This is all about Bengal cats. You will fall in love with them once you meet them. These attractive cats have distinctive spotted coat and are relatively larger in size compared with other cats. Bengal cats resemble a wild cat. Their ancestors are the small, wild Asian leopard cats that are domestic, however.

The name of the Bengal cats comes from the Asian leopard cat’s scientific name of Felis bengalensis. A man named Jean Mill who is a breeder in California, is famous for the first attempt of such a cross breeding. The aim of this attempt was not creatign a new breed. The initial aim of the crossing was to get a new eopard cat that would accompany her black cat so that the latter does not feel lonely. As a result of this breeding spotted and solid kittens appeared. Meanwhile another person named Dr. Willard Centerwall tried to cross Asian leopard cats with domestic cats at Loyola University.

Bengal cats are very active and intelligent type of cats. Due to this fact these cats are fun to live with and you will never get worried or troubled, however, they can also be quite challenging. Bengal cats are self-confident, talkative and friendly that are almost always alert and fresh. The notice everything at sight. Bengal cats are fond of playing games and they even fetch something and they are so smart learning various tricks so easily.

Actively entertain Bengal cats and do not let them get bored as they can be playful and even destructive suddenly turning lights on and off, picking out pens and pencils from the pencil box or shuffling down all the souvenirs you have brought from different countries of the world. This is an exclusive cat that likes playing in the water and especially aquariums will be at a high risk if you have a Bengal cat at home. Say bye to your wonderful fish. Bengal cats are fond of heights and usually climb up high locations to target from there better.

They are keen on climbing on the chandeliers or swimming in the swimming-pool. Alternatively, they like to sit on your lap and relax for some time. As for your bed, it is their ideal place to lie down and relax. They will never refuse to climb on your bed.

Do not get surprised if you start to feel cold in the middle of the night and wake up from the cold you feel in your body. Your favorite Bengal cat is the main hero in this plot. He has stolen your blanket while you were sleeping and you did not even notice this. This kind of surprises are typical for Bengal cats so be prepared to face such kind of issues.

Bengal cats are graceful having a strong, muscular body. Looking at them from the first sight you will feel you are in a jungle. Bengal cats have a broad head with medium-size or small, relatively short ears, that are set toward the side of the head. Their eyes are large, of oval almost round shape. Their long, muscular neck joins the body to the head. Medium-length legs that are slightly longer in the back support their body. Their paws are large and round. Bengal cats have a  thick, medium-length tail.