Abyssinian Cat

We all know this type of a cat, only we may not know exactly their name. We have seen them many
times and they are very popular. Their traits are unique and will not be seen in any other cat. They
have very high ears that makes the looks of them rather tall. Cats became very popular and
demanded during the Victorian era.

People got very interested in cat breeding. People had more interest in the unique breeds more and
unique cats were exhibited at the Crystal Palace Cat Show in 1871 where the Abyssinian also took
part taking the third place. According to myths and legends, this very cats liked and kept the
pharaohs themselves. Nowadays, due to genetic evidence we can think that these cats came from
Indian Ocean coastal regions and parts of Southeast Asia.

Many Dutch or British traders brought the cats from ports Calcutta, India, or the islands of Indonesia.
Where does the name of the cats come from? According to the records, these cats were most
apparently given the name Abyssinian because of Zula – the cat that was exhibited at the Crystal
Palace, was believed to be imported from Abyssinia that is now called Ethiopia. They originally had a
gene for long hair and non-typical colors. It is thought that American cat fanciers imported some
Abyssinian cats somewhere around the 1900s for the first time.

Abyssinian cats are considered to be the most active ones living life to the fullest and doing whatever
comes to their mind from climbing the highest, jumping farther and even playing harder. With your
new family member your life will become more entertaining and challenging. Do you know what is
the nickname of this breed? They are nicknamed as an Aby. Abys are rather unpredictable and you
will never be able to say what they are going to do next.

Very many people call thee cats “Aby-Grabbys” because every time something catches their interest,
they will go close in order to investigate it more closely. You can read more about their characteristics online.  It will seem to you that the Aby never sleeps because he is always so active, all the time being in motion, he will either jump up to the window sill and start looking at birds, squirrels or other animals, or it will leap on the fridge accompanying the meal preparation and eating some bites from it.

Do not dare to move your fingers while they are on your desk over the keyboard as the playful cat
will take this as a weird animal and jump on it from distance to investigate more. This playful cat likes
being on the spot, in the center of attention and will do his best in order to achieve and keep that
position later on.

If you want to see your cat happy and in a high mood, surround him with his favorite toys so that he
can play with them and be occupied for some period of time. His favorite toys are Ping-Pong balls,
pen or bottle lids, pieces of paper wadded-up, toys and teasers like feathers. This is a smart cat and
learns tricks very quickly.

They also have a deep love for heights, they simply adore it. He enjoys being at a very big height and
will appreciate to the fullest having one or more ceiling-height cat trees. Abys are adaptable during
life and they are a perfect match for the families that love them and give much attention. He will not
feel comfortable in a house where everyone is busy, where people go to work or school in a day, the
Aby will get bored soon so will be perfect to find a companion for him, would be great if it was
another Aby, on the same activity level.