Those women who say they hate cats have troubles with feminine aura and something is wrong with their female part, not surprising that they can even have more masculine hormones instead of feminine ones and they are wicked people with evil soul. Pets that people like to keep are a real source of pleasure and fun. Pets are rather useful as they help you to achieve a healthy state of mind and playing with our pets makes people happy.

These magic creatures have the ability of healing people. No joke at all! Have you ever tried to cure some part of your body with just a cat? Do an experiment, once you or any family member of yours has a part of body that hurts, place your cat on that part and see the magic that happens. No pain at all. The warmness and energy that comes out of a cat cures your ill organs. Cool right?

Cats were considered to be wild animals at first, they were great hunters and were valued for their excellent hunting abilities many years ago, later on, however, they became domesticated for about 4,000 years now and since that time have been valued for their companionship and loving behavior. It is not in vain that the collective noun we use to refer cats and kittens is a clowder of cats or a kindle of kittens. Anyway felines are amazing and probably that's the reason there are so many websites and blogs about them all over the world.

The cats we keep at home are our little cats. They are not like other large cats like lions and tigers as they are rather active at night by nature and can even purr that makes them even cuter. The most popular places where people are fond of cats has become the UK and the US.